Ultraviolet Movie


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September 30, 2013:
There is still some confustion between the Ultraviolet movie and the format for movie ownership.



Tokens most often come in DVD cases where the format is available and included.

What is an Ultraviolet Movie

Digital Movie Locker Token Technology Lets You Play It On Many Devices

The Ultraviolet Movie format represents a new way of owning movies and other digital media, which is exclusive of the device that it is played on. In fact, the idea is that you can conceivably play the movie on a device or format that hasn’t even been invented yet! How does this work? Ultraviolet movie tokens are essentially deeds to digital ownership of a movie. By using the ultraviolet token, you can watch a film on your smartphone, laptop, game console, or set top box as long as it supports the format. If an amazing new movie watching device is invented five years from now, your token should still enable you to watch the movie on that device.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Your player has to be enabled for Ultraviolet technology so you may need to upgrade or buy technology that is compatible. It is believed that most smartphones and digital media players will have downloadale apps made especially for this format.